How to Commission a Portrait

 The easy way –  in 3 simple steps

  1. Select your medium (oil or pencil)
  2. Upload your photo or send it via email ( or by phone  (+ 44 (0)785 44 555 40). WhatsApp is also available
  3. Select size and support if it’s an oil portrait 

            a.  canvas

             b.  canvas board

             c. paper


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  1. First, contact me by phone or email if you need a quote, or have any questions. It would be great to chat about exactly what you are envisioning for your portrait.

We’ll talk about

  1. size,
  2. the pose,
  3. the background,
  4. and the most important aspect, the person or persons whose image will be immortalized in graphite or oil.

Please look in my galleries and let me know if there is a style of portrait that you particularly like.

2. Find a photo or photos – that you would like me to use. This could be a digital photo taken on your camera or on your phone or it could be an already developed photo. If you don’t have a favourite image, then why not do your own photo shoot just for this purpose. The sharper and clearer the photo reference I have, the better the final portrait will be. When you are ready, send them either by mail or email and once I’ve contacted you to confirm, I can start working on your portrait.

3. If you are based in London and its a sitting you would like, again please contact me by phone or email. For a Home Jazz portrait, again please phone or email me.

Before completion, I will either email you or mail you the portrait for your approval. We will review your suggestions and any  changes needed. Only when you are 100% satisfied, will I ask for payment and I’ll send you your completed and signed portrait.

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