Why not give the ultimate gift of a beautiful portrait.

Portrait gift vouchers come in very useful, especially when you may have left it too late for a commission. Offering a gift voucher instead means that the person will still have their portrait done…. And what a beautiful surprise that would be. For the value of a portrait, please see the prices page. Vouchers can be designed with the exact specification (pencil or oil) and wording that you want. They are valid for a full year and all the information the recipient will need to receive their portrait will be provided. There is also the option of sending the voucher straight to the recipient.

Terms and Conditions: Gift certificates must be redeemed within one year – the date will be written on the voucher itself and refers to the last date for the reference photographs to be received by me. Vouchers sent to UK customers are mailed free of charge, however those sent overseas may incur a postage charge.

If the recipient is resident outside the UK, please let me know.