Painted portraits are available in oil paint, on traditional chunky stretched canvas, or on canvas board or canvas paper for easy framing. These options are all explained below.

Portraits are painted using

  • High quality professional artists oils,
  • Traditional  stretched canvas, or on canvas board or canvas paper for easy framing.

These options are all explained below.

Please see below an example of the original photo and the finished portrait. It might be that you want to combine the figures from two or three separate photos into one portrait. I can do it.

Choosing a Canvas Size

There are several types of canvases you can choose for a painted portrait.

  1. a frame in A4

  2. A3 frame

  3. A2 frame

  4. A square frame.


Please check Pricing Page for details.

As frames can be bought in all shapes and sizes, if you have a particular preference, please let me know by phone or email and I can provide you with a specific quote.



Oil portrait requires several layers of oil and a long time to dry so these paintings do take time. If you need the painting for a specific date, please discuss this with me so I can see what can be done for you.

Please see below an example of the beginning stages and the completed portrait.

Four Images of man’s profile (from photo, 1st layer, 2nd layer and lastly completed profile)

What Type of Canvas to Choose


Most oil paintings are painted on a stretched canvas so this is the most traditional method. The thickness varies – typically either 38mm (1 1/2″) or 18-20mm (3/4″) deep. They can be hung directly on the wall for a more modern look, or framed as normal. For framed portrait it is best to go with a canvas board but if you do chose a stretched canvas the frame required would just have to be deeper.


Canvas boards are made of cardboard with canvas stretched over and glued to a cardboard backing and then sealed on the back. This may be a convenient option if you are planning on framing the portrait. They are very light, easy to carry and also long lasting making it the best choice for international shipping.

What Type of Photo to Send

PLEASE SEND A PHOTO: that’s fairly large and close up, so that I can see enough DETAIL within the face. The best photos are those that I can enlarge up to the same scale as the portrait I am working on without the photo becoming too unclear or blurry. I will then have enough detail to make a good portrait. Photos taken on a digital camera (and ideally emailed straight through to me) are ideal, but I also accept photos taken on phone cameras as long as they are sharp and give me as much detail as possible. Daylight is always best as photos taken in artificial light may be grainy. If you only have a printed photo and not a digital file, please send these to me so I can see the quality. I will send it back to you, once I’ve completed the portrait. Please go to commissioning a portrait to read more information on photo advice. You’ll also find answers in the FAQ page. Please also feel free to email me any queries you have.