Imagine… a typical scene of yourself, or a family member or your whole family at home engaged in the everyday things that you do… it might be in the kitchen, or in the living room or even in the bathroom… but it’s all with a twist… it’s funny… it’s entertaining… and the beauty of it is the whole image is encapsulated in a unique painting.

I’ll discuss with you
  1. who you’d like to include in the portrait
  2. which room in the house you’d like the setting
  3. The pose ie what you would like to be doing

It’s a celebration of everyday life and the normal. The aim is to create positive vibes. Please browse the Home Jazz gallery for ideas.

To create an impression of movement and action, I contort some of the dimensions.

In the old series (1995 – 2001), I often have a stereo playing in the background and the figure is in a joyful moment.

In the new series (2016 onwards), the stereo can be replaced either with a phone or a speaker or whatever is your main source of  music.

We like to move with the times

As these paintings involve much more time and energy to prepare and create, discussions are more in depth. More photos may also be required (an example of the setting as well as the figure to be painted). If you are based in London, there may be an opportunity for us to meet and for sittings to be done, as well as using photos of the chosen setting.