PENCIL PORTRAITS The pencil portrait is created using graphite pencil on high quality heavyweight cartridge paper in black and white. Once completed, I seal it with a fixative spray so that the portrait does not smudge. I have different finishes but the common theme in all is a striking resemblance and excellent quality drawing. If you would like a zoomed in portrait where the face fills the whole page, I can create this. If you would like a clean margin around the portrait, I can also create this for you. Before I start, I will discuss with your aim and how you would like the end result to be. Please browse through the gallery to see your preference in terms of style. If you have no preference, then I am more than happy to determine what style would best reflect the mood of the photo.

Sizes I can work to any size but tend to work on A4 and A3. I can work to a much bigger scale if that is your request. Sizes differ according to the country so please refer to the picture below to have an idea of UK paper sizes. I tend to focus on the face but if your request is for the whole body to be drawn, this can also be done and in this case, an A3 size would be recommended. The same goes for a portrait of more than one person. The more people appearing in the portrait the more need for more space so the bigger the paper size. A3 is double A2 and A1 is double A2